Why Keller Williams? Because I Said So…and These 6 Reasons

When you acquire your real estate license, you have a choice of which brokerage to join, and there are dozens of options (especially in a giant market like Chicago). There are so many different variables to factor in, and each person will feel compelled to join different brokerages for different reasons. Dan and I are extremely studious and well-networked, and have seen, met, and worked with a lot of different agents over the years, all representing a variety of different brokerages. We kind of accidentally stumbled into Keller Williams by way of a good friend we knew and worked with in the real estate investing world, at a time when we didn’t even realize we wanted to get our license. Once we casually started discussing what it looked like to be a Keller Williams agent, we were almost instantly convinced it was where we belonged.

I can’t convince you to want to join Keller Williams, but I want to share the top 6 reasons I think it’s the place to park your license as a successful real estate agent…and I certainly encourage you to consider it!

  1. True Entrepreneurial Spirit. Founded by Gary Keller, this company epitomizes the tenants of a true entrepreneur. If you’re not familiar with Gary Keller, you really should be…whether you’re interested in real estate or not. He is an admirable business man, and has essentially put his entire belief system into a handful of books, one of which, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” (MREA), is widely regarded to as “the real estate Bible” (and not only Keller Williams agents!). If you have any interest in real estate, and start to learn about where this company came from and what Gary Keller stands for, you’ll be so excited you won’t be able to sleep. To be part of a company which such a burning passion for true entrepreneurialism is something very special.
  2. Upbeat, positive, encouraging, edgy culture. Along the lines of the entrepreneurial spirit mentioned in #1, the culture of the Keller Williams family can’t really even be described in words…it’s just a feeling you get when you’re around them. I used the word family because that’s very much what it is (assuming you have a very loving, functional family!). The real estate industry is very old, and you can very much see that within a lot of companies I’ve seen. When I met the people at Keller Williams and visited some of their offices, it was clear that there is a spirit within the company that made me feel confident and excited. If you listen to podcasts or follow blogs of successful real estate agents, you’ll quickly discover that a LOT of the biggest names in the blogosphere are Keller Williams agents, and you can tell they have a very generous and encouraging spirit.
  3. Focus on the agent, not the brand. Most people scratch their heads when they hear the name Keller Williams, as they make it a point to emphasize the branding of the individual agent instead of putting all the focus on Keller Williams themselves.
  4. #1 Training Organization In The World. Training Magazine named the company the world’s #1 training organization across all industries (as of February 2015). At an awards ceremony in Atlanta to honor the Training 125, Keller Williams was recognized for the growth, productivity and profitability gains resulting from its world-class education and training programs. When you join Keller Williams, you’ll certainly notice it, but it’s nice to have validation from a third-party source! As a new agent, there is SO much to know, and having a world-class training organization by your side makes all the difference in the world…literally. 🙂
  5. #1 Largest Real Estate Franchise In The World. 10s of 1,000s of real estate agents, worldwide, can’t be wrong! With over 112,000 (as of February 2015) worldwide agents, you can rest assured they’re drawn to this brokerage for a reason.
  6. Profit Sharing. I wanted to share this as the #1 reason, but these aren’t necessarily in order. However, Keller Williams profit sharing program is something that is completely unique to the industry, and can result in a ton of additional income for you! Very basically, if you refer an agent (new or veteran) to the Keller Williams family (ANY office in the world), you earn an override on any business they transact. The exact amount of money depends on the profitability of the profit center they work out of, but something is better than nothing! If you bring on a total ass-kicker, you can make a pretty good amount of money for doing nothing more than introducing them to Keller Williams. Within each market center, there is staff, training and other resources available to help train the agents, so you don’t even have to do ANYTHING if you don’t want. It’s a good deal, and something you won’t find anywhere else.

In summary, Keller Williams is amazing! If you’re a new agent, or an agent who has been with another brokerage for a while, and are looking for an exciting home for your real estate license, I’d love to get you connected with a Keller Williams market center near you. Email me at joe@chiburbia.com or give me a call at 224-392-6500, and we’ll figure it all out!

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