Why did I trade in one issue for multiple others?

Newly acquired issues:
1. My clothes are too big.
2. My muscles BURN.
3. I go through deodorant much quicker than usual.
4. I am drinking excess amounts of protein shakes, leading to…well…you know.
5. I need to spend more money on new shoes and an exercise-type watch.
6. I wake up way earlier than i’d like to.

One issue being retired:
1. Overweight

It’s been quite a while since I wrote. Frankly, it’s because I hit a plateau. One awesome thing about the Trim Body System is that I have MAINTAINED every weight level i’ve hit…I can’t remember one time I actually gained back weight after eating a horrific meal (which I have done a handful of times over the past 2 months). Combined with not working out much recently, i’ve been holding steady at 197-202 for the past month or month and a half. Not a terrible place to be (30lbs+ lost in 4 months), but it’s definitely time to move on.

Something amazing and unexpected happened recently: I started running yesterday. I swore up and down for as long as I can remember that I’d never enjoy running and couldn’t understand why people did it. Two days in, I still don’t know that I can say I ENJOY running, but I definitely enjoy the idea of accelerating my weight loss and getting my body back on track to get down to 175.

Ironically, my pastor (shameless promotion time: check out The Chapel!) has started running to prepare for a marathon he will be running and told me about a 9.11 mile (or 9.11K, your choice) benefit race taking place on 9-11-2010 to benefit those affected by 9-11 and to honor those who serve. He told me about how soldiers run the race in full gear, and I thought to myself…if they can run 9.11 miles in full combat gear, I’m just freaking LAZY if I can’t do it normally. I don’t know if i’m more excited at the idea of working myself up to being able to actually have the endurance to run a few miles and LOOK fit, or supporting those who serve our country so courageously.

Whichever is the case, my muscles are NOT excited about this gameplan. I am excited to warm them up to the idea of not being fat anymore. I gave Myrtle Beach a sneak peak of my weight-loss-in-process body:

(we were told to look tough, i’m the only one following instructions!)

Definitely a work in progress, but this is MUCH improved and just a stepping stone towards 175. More to come as I run my last 22lbs off!

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