Week 3 Measurements

Week 3 measurements are in…drumroll please!!

01/03/10 01/24/10 Total Loss
Bust 49 48 -2.04%
Chest 47 45 -4.26%
Waist 50 48 -4.00%
Hips 44 44 0.00%
Thighs 29 27 -6.90%
Calves 17 17 0.00%
Upper Arm 15 14 -6.67%
Forearm 11 11 0.00%
Weight 229 218 -4.80%

Total weight loss of 11 pounds in 3 weeks (4.8% of original weight), not bad for only having worked out 4 times in 21 days. 🙂 I was glad to see my measurements going down, that’s really what i’m most interested in. I’m not sure they’re 100% accurate because I honestly can’t even remember exactly where on my body we took the measurements the first day, but i’m sure it’s pretty close. I was surprised to see that the size of my hips was the same…my pants definitely feel looser. Still a good thing that i’m feeling better and dropping the pounds…the measurements will solve themselves over time.

I’m still going strong and still excited about the program…not really too upset with depriving myself of junk food. Every once in a while, i’ll get an urge for something stupid, but eating an apple or orange fill my craving now much easier than before the program. I am thankful again for Heather and Linda’s help along the way…they are a great support team.

I’m excited to finish the first month off strong and then run into the next 2 months to get closer to dropping 50 total!

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