Setting a goal for May

I’ve been running some math in my head about where my weight will be by the time we go to Myrtle Beach on May 14th and I realized I should put it to writing to clarify my thoughts. Thanks Blogger!

As I write this today, I am in week #10 of the Trim Body System and weighed in at 205 this morning. Let’s say I get to 204 by Sunday…that would be 25 pounds in 10 weeks = 2.5 pounds/week.

As of May 14th when we go to Myrtle Beach, I will be wrapping up week #19. 19 x 2.5 pounds average = 47 (rounded down) pounds lost if I keep up the average I’ve established over the first 10 weeks.

In summary, on May 14th, I am projected to be at 229lbs – 47 = 182lbs.

Myrtle Beach doesn’t know what it has coming. Next thing I need to figure out is what my budget will be to buy all new clothes around the 2nd-3rd week of May. 🙂

Size large here I come!

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