The Perfect Day Formula (Book)

The Perfect Day Formula (Book)

I walked into a conference room in Austin, TX, with my brother Dan, to join about 150 of the smartest entrepreneurs around (legitimately, though…people who have created and run businesses with $1MM++ of revenue…not the opportunity seekers who just like saying that) in a quarterly mastermind group where we discuss the happenings of our businesses. What’s working and what’s not working…what are the trends we see coming down the road…what do we need to bring things to the next level…etc. Standard stuff that would be spoken about when you get a ballroom full of smart, selfless entrepreneurs together to talk and learn.

So we go to sit down at our table, and there’s a book laid out for everyone, as is customary at these events. This time around, it’s a book called “The Perfect Day Formula“.

The Perfect Day Formula“Shit, not again!”, I thought.

Not another self-help book (of which I’ve read hundreds, and enjoy thoroughly) about how I’m not disciplined enough and need to become a better person. Now, the author isn’t in our group, so it’s not like they’re just trying to help him out. I quickly assume that if they are giving us this book, that the organizers of the mastermind have properly vetted it and feel it’s going to provide immense value to us.

Instantly, I thought, “What the heck, I just finished “The Miracle Morning” a few weeks ago, and that was ALL THE RAGE, so what’s with this one?

I slotted it into my bag, and didn’t think about it again until I was flying home and realized I would need something to occupy my mind, so I popped it open.

Here’s my preface: I literally have only read about 5 pages so far, and I’m already convinced it’s going to be an amazing book, despite my initial apathy or bitterness towards a book on such a topic (again).

The fact is…we all CONSTANTLY need to be reminded of how to succeed in life. Life moves so fast, I think that (completely unscientific) even the most diligent and successful people in the world still need to keep their brains sharp with good books, and reminders of how to properly structure their day/life.

So here we are…on the fourth page…and one of the sub-headlines is “Structure = Freedom”, and it’s about how that’s a very strange notion. In the back of my mind, I’m like…YEAH, that IS a weird concept, right? And immediately, I think “…but that’s a way to explain to people my core strength and what I enjoy doing the most in life in TWO WORDS (and an equal sign, to be fair)”.


Does that make sense to you? Do you realize that unless you have structure in your life, you will never have time freedom for the things that you actually want to do? I constantly try to explain to people how my brain works and what I’m best at in life…that I’m an very technically-minded entrepreneur, who is great at organizing things.

Organizing things?? What good is that? And as I think about it more, and meet people who couldn’t organize a pile of M&Ms properly, I think about how valuable my core skill is, and how much I can use it to help people and to grow my business. I love building systems…creating processes…figuring out how I can automate predictable/repeatable actions…I literally get excited when I think about organizing my garage or building out a project plan in my business with my brother.

So, structure = freedom…let that sink in. Realize that living life haphazardly will very likely leave you feeling tired, confused, and will not help you get things done.

I literally have no idea what this book is going to dive into from here, but I am super excited to find out…even knowing that a lot of this stuff is going to be the EXACT same stuff I just read in “The Miracle Morning“, just packaged up differently.

Aren’t successful habits funny like that? We all (hopefully) know EXACTLY what we need to do in order to succeed in our own lives, yet the discipline to do so is very hard to come by.

All that said…check out the book “The Perfect Day Formula“, even though I haven’t read it yet. It certainly couldn’t hurt!

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