Mo’ Money, Mo’ stuff…..

Field day at Menard’s today! Went to buy our countertops, and i’ll spare the drama from this post about their misleading advertisements. Needless to say, we spent a lot more on the counters than we had planned. Regardless, they’re going to be awesome. We also picked up the paint for our family room/bathrooms (blue) & dining room (purple). Spending money, when you know it’s not hitting your fixed expenses, is an amazing feeling! Can’t wait till I can spend money like water and not even think twice, we’re gonna have so many toys!

Counters are scheduled to arrive 3/26, so it gives us some more time to get the cabinets done and paint the whole place. Did a little more work on the cabinets today. Nothing TOO thrilling except dropping some benjamins, woo!

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