Mega Update!

So, I haven’t been here in a long time…my deepest apologies! As we progressed into the repairs and updates, it became way too much of a hassle to DO the work, continue building a fast growing business, go to our dayjobs, hang out with the new puppy, sleep (sometimes), maintain our sanity and then come back and document all the work here through pictures, ESPECIALLY since we didn’t have working internet for a good duration of the time. Now that our house has come together quite a bit and our schedule has calmed down SLIGHTLY, I’d like to list off a bunch of updates that have been done and will have pictures to follow when I get a chance. Overall, we’re VERY please with the way the house is coming together but definitely have much more work to do! It’s good enough to live in, but we’re excited to wrap up a few more projects to make it truly HOME!

* Master bathroom:
– Bright blue paint on the walls
– Vinyl sheet of flooring that looks like tile
– Elongated toilet bowl successfully installed (traded with Heather’s parents!)
– Shower head fixed (was squirting water everywhere and had REALLY low pressure)
– Vanity is installed!
– Exchanged our mirror portion of the vanity for a new one WITHOUT cracked glass and Heather put that together, just needs to be mounted.
– 94% of the plumbing for the sinks hooked up (thanks to the help of Steve Schreiner)
– FINALLY last night, finished off the pipes for the drain. (we’d been getting some backflow from the other bathroom coming out the drain in this bathroom which unfortunately bubbled up the subfloor. However, the drain is now completely finished and just need 2 more steel pipes to connect the faucets to the water supply (need to be split from one water supply to two sinks).
– Funny thing about plumbing: I’ve bought about $200 in valves and pipes that DIDN’T fit (thank you Menards for your simple return policy!) and finally determined what i need to finish it all off (actually cost about $30 total). We are SOOOO close to having a completed, fully functioning master bathroom and couldn’t be more excited!

* Family Room:

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