Knowledge is POWER…but only once it’s applied.

Knowledge is POWER...but only once it's applied.

Have you ever taken several hours (even days) preparing for something that you didn’t actually end up doing? What a waste of time! This sort of error is made at such a large scale that it’s hurting our entire society.

Knowledge is power... when it's appliedThe absolutely fantastic news is that it can be fixed very easily… just requires a shift in the mindset of people about GAINING KNOWLEDGE. I am absolutely not against learning, but I believe that people can definitely hide behind knowledge (education, learning… whatever you want to call it) because they are afraid of actually doing work required to cash in on all the time invested in learning about something.

“Knowledge is power.” – Sir Francis Bacon

But is it really? I think this is one of the most abused quotes ever! People eat it up and run off to learn a bunch of stuff without knowing why. Society perpetuates the “need” for higher education and people feel good about themselves when they hit the books and pass a test or gain a certification in something. The problem is that they haven’t DONE anything except prove that they can accumulate knowledge. In the meantime, they’ve passed up the opportunity to work on a project and LEARN THROUGH IT.

failureThink about how many over-educated people we have working at Starbucks dishing out coffee to all the business people who are on the run to go DO WORK… to apply their knowledge! Sure, people will screw up. A lot! We see it every day. But what’s life’s best teacher??


Well, not if you’ve been conditioned by the school system to believe that failure is fatal. The only time failure is detrimental is the time you actually quit because of it. If you’re a QUITTER, you will lose regardless of how much you ever learn. You might as well not even start, in that case.

Come to think of it, reading this blog and learning from my personal perspective is just as much a waste of time as anything else in the name of “learning” unless it’s applied to something (I’ll give you some homework at the end in order to APPLY what you’ve learned here!). Let’s make this productive by looking at some real life situations where people fail to see measurable results in the name of “knowledge” (some people justify it by saying they’re PREPARING [see: Joe Kalis])…

  1. EXERCISE: purchasing all the latest workout gear and diet products… but never actually stepping foot in a gym and working out.
  2. INFO PRODUCTS: purchasing a course where people teach you about success, attending the free seminar included, and network yourself with other like minded, success-oriented individuals… but never actually acting on your life/business idea.
  3. FIXING A CAR: you’ve watched 25 hours of YouTube videos and hung out with your mechanic for an entire day watching what he does… but never actually lifting your own hood to even LOOK AT that rattling you’ve been hearing.
  4. LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE: Rosetta Stone to the rescue!! You’ve dropped a couple hundred on the most updating version of “Learn Spanish in 10 days while driving in your car!”… but you haven’t even taken the plastic off, let alone listened to them. And you surely haven’t asked anyone from Mexico or Spain to sit and talk with you as you’re learning from a CD. And you KNOW Mexico isn’t waiting for you to visit… that would take actual commitment!
  5. STARTING A BLOG: You’ve… aw hell, let’s not even try to disguise this one. I (Joe Kalis) got the nicest looking blog on the entire internet, and my theme was developed by Picaso (he came back to life just for me) so I KNOW people will love visiting. I also have every one of my favorite bloggers email addresses in my contact list, just in case I have a question once I launch… but I haven’t written a single post (I’ve obviously worked past this), or I post once or twice but don’t commit myself to a writing schedule, so the blog eventually dies (not that I’ve done THAT 5 or 6 times already).


We all fall victim to achieving WAY below our true potential because we think we have to be good enough to do something before acting. Here’s the secret to happiness:

  1. Find your passion

Try, Fail, Adjust. The best way to truly learn is to DO.

What is something you’ve personally committed to recently and taken action towards? How good did you feel about yourself, even if you saw a bit of resistence along the way??

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