Jumbled priorities will ruin your life… if you let them

Jumbled priorities will ruin your life... if you let them

QUESTION: Out of this list, which is the most important in your life?

  1. Family
  2. God
  3. Your job
  4. Sports
  5. Video games
  6. Your business
  7. Music
  8. Exercise
  9. Relaxation/comfort/contentment
  10. Serving others
  11. Television/Movies
  12. Art
  13. Pick your own

Given the options, can you even choose one? I know that for me…

#1 priority: God, giving thanks and sharing His love with others everywhere I go.
#2 priority: Family, being an absolute rock & pillar of strength, creating a legacy my kids will be proud of
#3 priority: Business, pursuing my passions through multiple businesses and creating financial stability so I can focus on what matters in life (see #1/#2)

So why is it that I’m not 100% fulfilled in these areas? Lack of focus leading to mixed up priorities.

As I write this, it’s an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous day. The temperature is 72 degrees and the sky is a beautiful blue, like you’ve seen in award winning photo galleries. There is a slight breeze to take off that slight edge of heat that settles in after a few minutes. I can smell the roses (literally!) from our yard and the neighbors, both wafting into my nose and taking me somewhere else in my mind. With this sort of scenario, what is it that I FEEL like doing??

Laying in a hammock and sleeping, thinking of absolutely nothing but what’s going to be for dinner. Or visiting Hawaii.

I have two choices here; I can give into my desires of laying around and doing nothing (or I could go to Hawaii!), or I can reference back to my list of life priorities and pursue those, because that’s the RIGHT thing to do, although not always the easiest.

Either way I’ll get some sort of result, and feel one of two pains…
The pain of discipline (in doing what I NEED to)… or the pain of regret (in doing what I WANT to).

The reason people are usually so discontented with the results they’re getting in life (in ANY area) is because they don’t even know what’s most important to them (or they don’t keep it clear in their mind)! Have you found that to be true in your own life? I know I have.

So what do we do about this?

  1. Discover your life priorities. Seriously. If you haven’t done this yet, stop immediately, go into a quiet room and think about it until you decide. You can adjust it along the way.
  2. Write them down! How many studies do you have to see about the effectiveness of goals that are written vs. not? Just do it somewhere.
  3. Review them daily. Take the first 5 minutes of your day to reflect upon your priorities and decide how you can pursue them.
  4. Discover your distractions. Decide what may (and always does) KEEP YOU from pursuing your priorities! You know what they are, admit it to yourself and begin to confront that demon.
  5. Tell someone else. Or a few people. Accountability is SO crucial when setting goals for anything… allow them to let you know when you’re off track from what you told them.

You may be asking,

“What about my priorities #4-12?? Those are still important!
How do I get to those??”

I want to point out that just because you decide what’s MOST important doesn’t mean that everything else in your life becomes UNimportant. If you truly get a grasp on what’s MOST important, everything else seems to magically figure itself out.

Not to mention, there’s a concept called “delayed gratification”. Just because you cut back on something in lieu of another thing doesn’t mean you need to give it up forever, or at all. It simply means you need to take care of some other things FIRST, and then can get back to the rest. Hell, set a goal to take care of your main priorities every day so that you can spend time on the “less important” thing you want to do.

Consider it motivation.

So, what are your plans for today, and do they align with the priorities that you’ve decided will guide your life?

If they don’t align, get in touch with me… I’d LOVE to be your accountability partner (and this is a 2-way street… i’ll be as honest with you as you are with me) and navigate through life together as we figure out how to improve our desired results and become 100% fulfilled!

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  • Great article, bro! And I’m not just saying that because you’re my brother! I particularly like the idea of also taking inventory of DISTRACTIONS. Gotta be aware of the land mines, too! Keep up the good work!

    • joeakalis

      Thanks dude! Definitely important to keep aware of priorities; this is one of my biggest struggles and a reason I wrote this post…partially self-medicting myself! Thankful for apps like Todoist, and just taking time to remember & reevaluate what I’m looking to accomplish.

  • Great Read! The right perspective of what your priorities are and understanding which priorities mean the most to YOU and not others, helps you be true to who you are. I see this working downtown, some people put the priority of not being late over the priority of being polite or even over their safety (cutting people off, running across the street when traffic is coming). Personally, I know for me sometimes my “distractions” are putting the priorities at the end of the list above the priorities at the top of the list. Looking forward to your future stuff.

    • joeakalis

      For sure!! Great perspective on “distractions”. Seems most of the time that distractions aren’t unplanned events, just tasks done in the wrong order. 🙂