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Well, friends, here we are. Inspired by many friends (Steve Schreiner & Joe Sharrippa in particular), I have decided to pursue the Trim Advantage Body System by Nutrilite. With the cooperation of my lovely wife, Heather and her mom Linda, I have gotten off to a great start! I’ve decided to post my thoughts, results, pictures, etc on this blog to help other people see the benefits of the system; especially in this time of the year when resolutions come a dime a dozen and people usually need some inspiration to keep going!

Today is Thursday January 7th. We actually started the system on Sunday the 3rd (I weighed in at 229 – I will post all measurements each week to track progress) and it’s been pretty surprising to feel the affects of the system immediately. I will most likely get annoying saying this, but this system works VERY easily if you have help (yey teamwork!). My meals have been prepared by Heather and Linda 100% up until this point (thank you!), I simply need to remember to take my supplements. Not to worry though, i’ve set up Outlook reminders and appointments in my cell phone so that something is beeping or flashing at me so I never forget…plus within 21 days it will just become habit and I won’t think twice about it. With a bit of tweaking of the recipe book for the system (per the Schreiners recommendation), we’ve got a handful of meals locked down and ready to roll daily.

A few things have seriously surprised me:

1) To this point, I have been hesitant to eat the afternoon snack because I’ve never been hungry. One of my main concerns I’ve had in the past with any “diet” is being deprived of food and getting cranky because I am hungry. It’s just the opposite so far, I am rarely hungry and haven’t even really been thinking about food at all. This is VERY peculiar for me. 🙂 Thinking about it, I imagine it’s the Slimmetry supplement at play! In order to keep your metabolism going at the correct rate, the system encourages you to eat 5 small meals throughout the day instead of the regular 3 that we busy Americans try to cram into our schedules and often miss out on.

2) I have not had cravings for sweets. Amazing! Daily, I look at cookies all over the place (Heather’s dad is a cookie-monster) and have not once had the urge to dive in like I usually have in the past. My #1 vice was previously the “peanut butter spoon”, where I would take 2-3 spoonfuls of peanut butter every day to fill the craving for sugary goodness without any sort of preparation. I haven’t even thought about peanut butter since Sunday until just now talking about it.

This is going to be an exciting ride! My overall mindset is strong because I have the end in mind – 50 pounds in the next 9 months. I know this is possible because Steve has lost 60 in 6 months (or so)! I am excited to show success and inspire others to get their health on track…one thing in my life i’ve always been falling short with.

Stay tuned for ongoing weigh-ins and measurements…it’s sure to be memorable! If you’re lucky and I find an ample amount of courage, maybe I’ll even post some videos of our RIDICULOUS DVD cardio workouts…haha!

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