IKEA – Disney World for adults

So as Heather and I were looking at the dozens of cabinet doors, we decided that maybe it would be better to buy new doors instead of re-finishing them. Not to mention, I would really prefer to eliminate the weird second row of doors in our kitchen cabinets and cover the entire height of the cabinets with one door instead of two. With this in mind, we ventured out to IKEA to look at the price of new cabinet doors! We had done some quick online research and found a cabinet maker that sold basic doors for $15-20ea, which sounded good to us! We figured IKEA would have some bargains, so we took a gander. On the way over to the cabinet section, we wandered through the bathroom section and found an awesome dual-sink vanity for $300! We talked about wanting a dual-sink vanity, but the cost for the vanity, two sinktops and the faucets was too costly for the time being since we have some many other important updates to make, so we were EXCITED to find this solution for $300 and will be picking it up soon. We are going to paint the vanity portion a chocolate brown to go with our light blue paint to give it an ultra-modern look. Woohoo!

So back on track, we wander over to the cabinet section only to find out some bad news: $50+/door! What the heck! We quickly bolt out of IKEA determined to find cheaper doors at Menards. A quick chat with the Menards lady tells us we’re going to be sanding/staining our current doors, $60+/door at Menards! However, while we were at Menards, we got a chance to pick up some samples for bathroom flooring and have chosen the main one we like…it looks like it’ll only be $100 for new flooring for both upstairs bathrooms!

If anyone knows of a way to replace kitchen cabinet doors for cheap, feel free to leave a comment! If not, it’s elbow grease and stain for us!

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