Friday Fun (& some visitors!)

First of all, tonight is the beginning of a new adventure for the Kalis Home blog; VIDEO!! We snapped some fun videos this evening and are excited to unveil them for you (and yes, i’ll get better at the sideways shots, I’m learning how to use our camera to shoot video!).

Tonight we spent more money! woohoo! We went to IKEA and bought the bathroom vanity that we were looking at before and are excited to get going with replacing some stuff.

I didn’t finish this project yet so there’s no after video, but that should be available by the end of this weekend if all goes as planned. Although, we can’t install the vanity yet because we have to paint and redo the flooring in the bathroom, but I just couldn’t help myself in starting to demo(lish) SOMETHING! Heather started to put together the vanity, but we’re not entirely sure it will actually fit in the bathroom door, so we might have to put it together IN the bathroom. 🙁

This removing-the-vanity project was stalled because we had visitors! Mike & Vanessa came by to eat some Wendy’s and get the grand tour. They ended up sticking around until 2am after re-re-re-re-re-re-arranging our furniture and helping us figure out how to lay out the oddly shaped/sized living/dining/family rooms. Pretty sure we nailed it down now and very excited about it! Thanks to Mike and his gigantic muscles for helping move the couch in the basement…and thanks to Vanessa for her creative flare and keen eye for design!

I think Wendy’s put something whacky in Mike’s food, he insisted on jumping through our crawl space door into the basement…


He kept mumbling about how he had to go take a shower. I told him he wouldn’t fit in the shower and all he could say was, “BET ME!”:


So, needless to say, we got a little bit of work done, a lot of ideas flowing, and had a very enjoyable night with some great friends. We’re SOOO excited to get settled and start creating memories with best friends, as our HOUSE….becomes a HOME!

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