First week – 5 pounds lighter!

The first week was a smashing success! I lost 5 pounds (other measurements to come shortly) and I only broke the rules once when I went to the Hawks game and was forced to eat gummy worms by the people who bought my ticket. How could I refuse? But other than that, I didn’t even stray off the path once! I actually remembered to take all of my supplements and I feel great!

The biggest success is honestly the mindset that goes along with the Trim System…i’ve really started to believe, again, that I can control my temptations. Whether it be food related, laziness, whatever…i’ve really grasped my potential once again and am excited to move forward in every area of life.

So week 1, I lost 5 and Linda lost 8. She worked out way more than me, but that’s all going to change. NOW it’s a competition…I can’t let my mother-in-law lose more weight than me, how embarrassing would THAT be?? Not gonna happen…it’s a healthy (pun intended!) competition. I’ll definitely be posting more results as they come in (and as soon as I find the spreadsheet I created with all of my original measurements, woops!).

I’m glad there’s people following along and actually excited about it and rooting me on! On a business front, our success has led to the first Trim Body System being sold to a customer…one of many to come! What’s better than gaining ultimate health AND creating a residual profit by helping other people?? Beautiful!

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