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Hi blog, long time no talk! I owe you a conversation about the juicing cleanse I did not too long ago and the pretty radical transformation that has occurred as a result. For now, I would like to talk about one thing in particular; new eating habits!

Maybe it’s mental.
Maybe it’s habit.
Maybe it’s my body truly adjusting physically/emotionally and coming off my addiction to junk food.
Maybe it’s a PHASE! (i’ll admit it’s a possibility)

Whatever it is, I’ve fallen in love with salads, fresh veggie juicing, grilled chicken, etc and really don’t have cravings for junk food anymore!

I don’t think about fast food
When I see a fast food restaurant, I’m not tempted to go there.
I’m never “starving”.
I feel great and feel that i’m looking better.
I’m losing weight.

I started my 10-day juice cleanse (60 ounces of fresh cucumber/kale/celery/carrot/apple juice every day, eating the very occasional fruits/veggies) on March 11 at 218.6 lbs and finished on March 21 at 209 lbs (9.6 lbs lost). After that, I started regularly eating salads/chicken/veggies and continued to avoid junk food. As of today, I weighed in at 207.8.

SUMMARY (click to enlarge)

62 more days to lose 23 pounds, very doable with proper diet and working out 3-4 times/week.

Here goes nothing, but at least I know my body and mind have made the switch, now it’s just a matter of being disciplined to work out regularly and stick to the proper eating!

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