Cloud File Storage Apps: Dropbox vs. Copy vs. Google Drive


As a long time user of Dropbox and Google Drive, I was somewhat perplexed when I saw someone promoting another new player to the cloud file storage world; Copy.

A simple name and a simple service. I noticed they offer 15GB straight off the bat, which is 3x what I had worked my way up to after 3 years with Dropbox. Google Drive just recently consolidated email and documents into one service and offers them at 15GB, so I figured Copy was looking to… well… copy what Google had done. And then some.

Check out this video where I highlight the difference I’ve seen between the three and why I’m going to be moving over all my files from Dropbox to Copy!


Pretty cool, huh? Click here to sign up for a free account and get 15GB + an extra 5GB from my referral link! 

What is currently your favorite file storage app and why? Leave a comment below! 


(Stats as of 6/1/2013)

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  • Great video switching to Copy too.

    btw I ported the android version of Copy to BlackBerry 10, anyone can download it here

    • joeakalis

      Wow, nice! that’s pretty awesome. Not sure how many people still use Blackberry, but yet another feather in the cap of Copy! Thanks for the additional benefit!

  • FemmeFatale

    Yeah go for Copy. I use both currently, but Copy offers you more space for free than Dropbox. Both are good and both come with the desktop client to sync your files to their cloud servers.

    Check it out and use this link to sign up for Copy to get 20GB free instead of the regular 15GB.