A surprising way to add 7 years to your life

dentistLast week I made the always-exciting bi-annual trip to the dentist! It was a lovely time as always, and my teeth checked out just fine as usual! My buddy Ivan had news to share, and it wasn’t the first time…

“You need to floss! The gums on your canines are receding really badly & you may need surgery to graft skin from the roof of your mouth.”


Thanks for telling me that NOW! Why didn’t my dentist tell me the worst case scenario when I was a kid? Nobody is going to immediately jump to action with an innocent suggestion to floss. How about this, instead?:

flossing“Joe, if you don’t start flossing, your gums will recede and someday we might have to take skin from the roof of your mouth and glue it onto your teeth so that your nerves don’t become exposed from the cleft that has formed as a result of your laziness.”

THAT would have inspired me to action! Now, with this said, I’d like to point out some key reasons why flossing is a fantastic idea, as I have recently become a HUGE fan!


  1. Floss reaches areas that your toothbrush cannot.
  2. Flossing protects and strengthens your gums SO THEY DON’T END UP DISAPPEARING WHEN YOU’RE OLDER (i’m not bitter)
  3. Flossing will prevent excess tartar buildup, leading to better breath and a cleaner mouth.
  4. Flossing could potentially add 6.4 years to your life!
  5. Flossing will ultimately saves you lots of money by avoiding costly surgery (keeps immune system young)
  6. Flossing will impress your wife/husband. It’s very sexy (not scientifically proven).
  7. Flossing helps prevent cardiovascular disease & stroke by drastically improving your immune system.

REALLY? Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke? You can read all the scientific mumbo jumbo here if you’d like, but I no longer have to be convinced. All you had to tell me was that someday you might have to graft skin out of my mouth or I might die… I would have started this LONG AGO.

So, don’t forget to floss tonight… it’s one of the best investment you can partake in. Thank you to my amazing wife for inspiring me to do so, and for keeping me accountable by handing me floss every night. I’m excited to keep my gums and not die.

I’m very curious to know… if you’re not a regular flosser, why not? Leave a comment!

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  • disqus_eTcyCEr1IW

    i hate you and everything you stand for.

    • joeakalis

      Well, I’m proud to know I had such an affect on someone that they would find my blog to tell me this!

      Thank you, anonymous negative poster! I was told you’d show up eventually! I must be doing something right.

  • Greg Thomas

    Awesome stuff. I never knew that before. Thanks for the info.

    • joeakalis

      I was surprised, too! Pretty good info to know. 🙂