A moment of honesty…

It’s Friday morning and i’m enjoying a yogurt for my AM snack. Confession: Nearing the end of week 1, I had a craving for some junk food for the first time I can remember in the past week. Thankfully, I quickly remembered my WHY (50 pounds in 9 months!) and realized it would not be a good decision to give into my carnal desires. Instead, I drank a glass of water to fill my stomach and went to sleep.

The toughest thing in my life regarding a poor diet has historically been late night snacking. It’s instinctual…I never really even thought, I just grabbed and ate because I wanted to and not even because I was necessarily hungry. But NO MORE! I’ll just have to be mentally stronger and keep the end in mind (amazing how much health success mirrors business success!).

This weekend will be the true test…my first full weekend on the Trim System. I (and Americans in general, I think) have a tendancy to lighten up on the weekend, kick back, enjoy myself more than usual. I’ll have to focus!

My first Outlook reminder went through today, thank God for technology to keep me on track!

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