4 Reasons Your Emotions Are Owning You

4 Reasons Your Emotions Are Owning You

EmotionsDo you ever wonder why you make the decisions you do? A lot of the time, I find myself in a place I didn’t intend on heading simply because I let my emotions get the best of me. Can you relate?

As I was growing up (and most kids can relate, I’m sure), I had my temporary moments of hatred for my parents. Now, I didn’t REALLY hate them, but that’s what my emotions told me to believe! I remember times when I would want something SO BAD, and my parents wouldn’t let me have it so I threw a temper tantrum, almost hyperventilated, and eventually fell asleep only to wake up and not even be able to remember what I was so upset about. The sad reality is that adults do this all the time, too, just in a different manner.

There are a few harsh realities we need to acknowledge as it relates to our feelings & emotions if we intend on succeeding at anything in life….

  1. Our feelings are schizophrenic. They jump from one emotion to another, and cannot be trusted to sound life, work or business decisions. Take a moment to think about a typical day in your life and make note of all the different emotions you encounter. It’ll make your head spin, and help you realize why things may seem so inconsistent and frantic. 
  2. Your feelings are unfaithful. Your feelings don’t stay with you, good or bad. In order to really get a hold of your feelings, you need to focus on what PRODUCES good, not what FEELS good. Even better yet, don’t avoid what feels bad, but rather avoid doing things that produce bad. It’s all about the results of your decisions, not whether or not you like making the decision.
  3. Your feelings do not care about consequences. Most of the time when we get upset about something, it’s a gut reaction that involves very little thought about the situation at large, based on the immediate reaction. What if you did something stupid as a result of your emotional decisions? As it relates to being productive in any area of your life, do you ACTUALLY not like doing the things you need to do to produce results, or do you just not FEEL like it at the time? For most people, it’s because we don’t feel like committing to what’s required to obtain a desired result, and in turn, we have to live with the consequence of unfulfilled potential.
  4. Your feelings lead to the creation of habits. This can be really good, or really bad, depending on if you’ve got control of your emotions or not. If you let your feelings control your life in a negative way, you’ll eventually believe that luck is actually a real thing… the reason that successful people have obtained success. Luck is a simply someone’s excuse for not being successful; you create success by either making good consistent decisions or deciding not to.

Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone who was schizofrenic, unfaithful, apathetic to negative consequences, and had a bunch of really destructive bad habits? That’s basically what we’re doing when we let our emotions control our lives! So knowing all of this, how do we get control of our emotions so that we can obtain the desired results we’re looking for?

Stop letting your feelings make decisions for you! Do the right work despite how you feel about it, and focus on what you’re working towards.

Stop asking “how do I get motivated?”, instead ask “what do I do until I become motivated?”. Once you become emotionally stable, your work ethic will become more consistent and you will begin to achieve the results you’re looking for!

What do you think you could accomplish with your life if you had complete control of your emotions, which resulted in the best work habit you’ve ever had? 

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