03: Goal setting on my wellness journey…

smart goal setting conceptBeen thinking through my goals for 2013 a lot lately and very specifically nailed down the plan! It’s so awesome that all my goals line up so well with different life events going on.

Goals for the first 6 months of 2013:
– Lose 2lbs/week from January 12th – June 3rd to bring me to goal weight of 180lbs
– Race in Tough Mudder event on May 19th at weight of ~190lbs
– Reach goal weight of 180lbs by the time my daughter is born, around June 3rd

To accomplish this, i’m utilizing:
– Insanity cardio program/recumbent bike/treadmill in my basement, work out 3-6 times/week
MyFitnessPal calorie tracking app. Syncs with…
BodyMedia armband to monitor all calories, heart rates, steps, sleeping habits, etc

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